About Construction Reporter

Want to track your construction projects in real time? Install EarlySail's app.

Leverage the capability of low-cost Android smartphones or tablets to gauge the progress of your construction projects. Supervisors can view progress from anywhere without having to physically visit their sites.  

EarlySail is specialist in creating applications for real time field data collection leveraging mobile phone technology. EarlySail’s Construction Reporter is an easy to use mobile application where constructor surveyors or field supervisors can submit multi-media status reports from the field on progress being made in their construction sites. The application supports taking of pictures, videos, capturing of GPS data, and entering of text notes. If network coverage is not available, the application will queue the report for later submission so your work can continue uninterrupted.

On the server side, managers can view pictures, videos, GPS data, and progress notes in one dashboard using any Internet-enabled device, including smartphones. Managers can be alerted as soon as a progress report is filed, and they can view multiple construction site progress reports in a single map-driven interface.

Please download this fully-featured free application to test the functionality. It comes preconfigured with a demonstration server. Submit your reports and see reports on http://construction.pleasefix.orgEarlySail can create customized field data collection applications for your own use and assist with deployment of server side infrastructure for data collection and analysis.

Examples of Customization Possible on Client side

            Your custom app Icon

            Your custom app Name

            Custom fields to categorize: Mandatory or optional

            Add an About Us Page

            Add a Send Feedback feature

            Add a Share This App feature

            Configure settings for your dedicated server

            Deploy on App stores or your own web server for distribution.

Server Side

            The server is hosted by EarlySail using cloud providers and ensures reliability.

            For security, it provides for restricted permissions to the server side for increased security using role-based access.

            Scalable infrastructure based on your needs

            Customize Reporting Parameters

            Customize your Dashboard

            Real-time Approvals/ Verification

Additional Features Highlights:

•       Robust mobile web service for all internet-enabled devices

•       Customizable automated emails to update stake holders whenever a new progress report is submitted. reporting 

•       Workflow Management

•       Dynamic, interactive map widgets

•       Report Management by Category of reports

•       Ability to filter reports via categories/Location/ Type/Verification

•       Dashboards and filters to sort reports

 Contact us at info@earlysail.com to explore how you can make your field data collection projects successful.